Tip of The Day: Don’t Steal Gavin Brown’s Car

March 26, 2011

“Dear Eric and Patricia.
You took my car. I am happy for you on so many levels, but don’t disguise it as anything other than a half-assed gesture. I’m sure the act probably had some stale thrill of transgression. but please believe me, without your self- promoting twittering and FBing to the Saltz page no one would have given a flying f**k about it. Please, you are human beings – express yourselves through yourselves. You will be dead soon. Drive my car – drive
it back – then leave it at that.
Is this sad excuse for self promotion and self-definition what you wish to leave for future generations? I quote you as you exited the car: “We thought it was part of the interactivity.” Is this

Disney? And as for the rest of the digi-witterers – no more mentions of “Relational Aesthetics” or ‘RA’ or whatever you need to call it… Leave that to the librarians, accountants, and score keepers. Its art. It has no name – just like the void, no name. Do you think that Donald Judd had ‘Minimalist’ on his drivers-license? Your incessant babble is deafening, fearful, and boring. Please cease.”

Tip of The Day: Don’t Steal Gavin Brown’s Car.

2 Responses to “Tip of The Day: Don’t Steal Gavin Brown’s Car”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    So question #1) Who is Gavin Brown and #2) why is he so bitter?

  2. ajacono Says:

    He’s the gallery owner.
    I think he secretly hates art speak.
    notice the recent exhibitions he’s doing? There pretty objective… tshirt, cooking, etc… http://gavinbrown.biz/

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